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Hey, all, a review of the anthology Close Encounters of the Urban Kind just popped up yesterday and it mentions my short story "Mastihooba" as one of the good ones. *grin* Check it out!

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Aha! It appears that [ profile] vespican has posted a review of Well of Sorrows in the last day or so. Check it out!

Also discovered the reviews for the book on yesterday and was happy to see that they were all good, including a review from VOYA. Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to review the books in all of the various locations online!
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Well, this last week has been rather busy. I'd like to say I worked the entire time on the revisions . . . but that didn't happen. I did work on the revisions though. I got a few new scenes my editor requested knocked out and read through and fixed a few more chapters, but alot of the time was spent on other life things interrupting my revision flow. Things like dental appointments and such. You don't realize how much time they take up until they start interfering with your work. But I'm hopeful that today will be the last day of heavy distractions and the rest of July will be all about knocking the last part of the book out. I've only got about 250 pages left of Well of Sorrows to get through. And I think I've gotten most of the heavy brand new scenes written. (I may have one or two more, I'll have to check my revision notes.)

In any case, I did take some time on Sunday to go see the movie HP & and the Half-Blood Prince with Patricia Bray. And I thought it was good. It wasn't spectacular though, and I had some issues.


So, overall a good movie. Not the best of the summer so far, and not the best of the HP movies in particular. I won't be seeing it again at the theater, but of course I'll buy it on DVD.

Now, to go read book 7 . . . for the first time. *grin*
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In case you guys missed the last post (made late last night), there's a new, longer video of me and my six fellow authors getting up to some shenannigans at the last signing over at YouTube! Go check it out for a laugh. And leave a comment!

And now, the review (copied from GoodReads):

I just finished this book last night and after reading the entire series I'm wondering why it took me so long to pick up these books and try them. I know I saw them on the shelf numerous times and almost bought them. But now that I've read them, I'm kicking myself. I should have started reading David B. Coe earlier. But at least he's got a bunch of books out now, so I have something to read next (rather than waiting impatiently for the next book to come out). *grin*

This is a good series and the third volume definitely wraps everything up in a nice way. We get to see where everyone we like ends up, and the resolution to the overall arc is satisfying. I had a few minor quibbles with the third book and the series as a whole overall, but none of those quibbles kept me from enjoying the books in any way.

For Eagle-Sage, it took a good half of the book before the real plot got moving. The first half was set-up, but I couldn't help thinking that it could have been shortened or gone faster. (I didn't spend much time trying to figure out how though.) At the end, I wasn't satisfied with how the Keepers were integrated into the final resolution. I thought they'd play a much more important role somehow, and since one of the themes of the book is that everyone needed to work together to defeat the enemy, their involvement ended up being too minimal, especially with how that ended for them.

For the series overall, my main complaint is that the familiars--the hawks and owls and eagles--were mainly just used as props. I kept wanting to see more interaction between the mages and their familiars. I wanted the familiars to come across as characters in their own right, and I wanted to see a deeper, more emotional relationship between them and thie chosen human counterparts.

But again, there is anough good stuff going on overall, especially in the writing department as well as the unique ideas of the world and how it works, that those quibbles did NOT keep me from enjoying the books. They are solid fantasies that I'd recommend to everyone. As I said, I'll definitely be reading more David B. Coe in the future.



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