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So, the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego is a mere week away now and it appears that I will be on a panel! Not only that, but it appears I get to moderate that panel! I have to admit that the panel does seem to be approprate, considering the beginning of my new series starts with a group heading out into an unexplored lands on a strange new continent with no idea of what to expect. Here's the panel description and time:

Friday, 10am: Bring Me That Horizon: The Exploration of Untrod Lands as a Fantasy Theme

Sometimes the goal is not to bring down an enemy or win a war. Sometimes it is to voyage into the unknown so see what you find, to explore uncharted territories for wealth or country or even for knowledge.

Panelists: Grania Davis, Karin Gastreich, Joshua Palmatier (M), Michael Stackpole, Sean Llewellyn Williams

So who all is going to WFC this year? If you'll be there, catch me at the panel or at the mass autographing on Friday night at 8pm. I'll have postcards of Leaves of Flame (January 2012) and the anthology The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity co-edited with Patricia Bray (March 2012).

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Yesterday, I piled into a car with Patricia Bray ([ profile] pbray), Tracy, and April ([ profile] fireun), and we left Binghamton for the road trip to Columbus, OH, where the World Fantasy Convention is being held this year. We expected a 10 hour trip with stops. We managed to make it in 8 1/2, with lots of shenanigans along the way. Pictures were taken. It's not clear whether pictures will be shared yet.

Upon arrival (after an accident on the highway forced us to use the TomTom to find an alternate route to the hotel, the only real issue we had with the drive), we checked in, rolled down to registration to register for the con and place our promo materials, immediately ran into various other writer friends, such as S.C. Butler, Susan Jett, and their new baby boy Henry (much cooing over the baby ensued), Ian Tregillis, Brad Beaulieu, [ profile] barbarienne, some of the OWW folk, and probably a few others I'm not remembering. The hotel has been crafty in that the bar is situated between the hotel elevators to the rooms and the actual con. So no one can make it from one location to the other without passing through the bar. And since everyone who's anyone hangs out at the bar at such a con, there's no way to get through without running into someone you desperately want to talk to.

After that, we managed to capture Ian Tregillis and hit a local brewery/restaurant called Gordon Biersch, which was good. And then we hit Sam's hotel room to watch the season finale of Project Runway, in which Gretchen (the bitch) won, causing Patricia to scream in agonizing pain for 10 full minutes (pictures were taken). We attempted to leave Sam's hotel, but discovered that you chould check in, but not check out. It has been redubbed "Hotel California." We were only saved by the arrival of Sam, who had abandoned his family in order to head to the bar.

I probably should have hit the bar at that point, but since I had a meeting scheduled with my editor this morning for breakfast, I decided to call it quits. And that was day 1 at the con. The REAL party begins today though. Report tomorrow . . . if I'm in any shape to give one. *grin*


Oct. 27th, 2010 09:34 am
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So who all is going to the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, OH, this weekend?
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We're edging up on the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, OH, and I figured I'd do a general call-out to see if anyone here is going to the con. I'll be there, with a reading scheduled for Friday at 1:30pm. If you're going, and plan on attending the reading, weigh in here on what you might want me to read. Here are some of the options:

1. Something from WELL OF SORROWS (kind of old, even though its my most recent release)

2. Something from the just handed in sequel LEAVES OF FLAME

3. The short story "Mastihooba" from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND

4. The short story "Tears of Blood" from BEAUTY HAS HER WAY (which should be out shortly)

5. The short story "An Alewife in Kish" from AFTER HOURS: TALES FROM THE UR-BAR (coming out March 2011)

And I think that's it. In any case, I hope to see some of you at the con!


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