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Today I'm highlighting Zombies Need Brains' second anthology project, TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER. This was a fun project, mostly just because of the topic: gadgets acting "temporally" out of order, rather than "temporarily" out of order. Patricia Bray and I had a blast reading the stories and putting this one together, and since I'd already run a Kickstarter, I wasn't pulling my hair out in frustration (as much) while trying to get the funding. The Kickstarter ran smoother and funded much quicker than the first, which is always nice. It was obvious that ZNB had gained a little ground in the "awareness" area; people were beginning to notice us.

Here's the run-down of the theme and the Table of Contents. This anthology is available in many ebook formats and also as a trade paperback. And remember you can always get it through the ZNB online store ( and click "store").

It’s frustrating when a gadget stops working. But what if the gadget is working fine, it’s just “temporally” out of order? What would you do if you discovered your cell phone linked you to a different time? Or that your camera took pictures of the past?

In this collection, seventeen leading science fiction authors share their take on what happens when gadgets run temporally amok. From past to future, humor to horror, there’s something for everyone.

Join Seanan McGuire, Elektra Hammond, David B. Coe, Chuck Rothman, Faith Hunter, Edmund R. Schubert, Steve Ruskin, Sofie Bird, Laura Resnick, Amy Griswold, Laura Anne Gilman, Susan Jett, Gini Koch, Christopher Barili, Stephen Leigh, Juliet E. McKenna, and Jeremy Sim as they investigate how ordinary objects behaving temporally out of order can change our everyday lives.

“Reading Lists” by Seanan McGuire
“Salamandar Bites” by Elektra Hammond
“Black and White” by David B. Coe
“Dinosaur Stew” by Chuck Rothman
“Not All Is As It Seems” by Faith Hunter
“Batting Out of Order” by Edmund Schubert
“Grand Tour” by Steve Ruskin
“A is for Alacrity, Astronauts, and Grief” by Sofie Bird
“The Spiel of the Glocken” by Laura Resnick
“The Passing Bell” by Amy Griswold
“Destination Ahead” by Laura Anne Gilman
“Where There’s Smoke” by Susan Jett
“Alien Time Warp” by Gini Koch
“Cell Service” by Chris Barili
“Temporally Full” by Stephen Leigh
“Notes and Queries” by Juliet E McKenna
“Temporally Out of Odor: A Fragrant Fable” by Jeremy Sim

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Some quick news: The last day to preorder the Kickstarter​ edition of TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER from Zombies Need Brains​ is July 31st. You'll get the kickstarter edition of the paperback and you'll get the anthology early. I'll be shipping them as soon as they arrive from the printer. After that, you'll have to wait for the general public release on August 25th. You can preorder at the ZNB website at by clicking on "store". I believe you can also preorder the general release Kindle version at​ now as well (but you'll have to wait for August 25th). Nook doesn't have a preorder option, and I think Kobo is still reviewing the file, but it should be up for preorder there soon. I'm not sure there will be a preorder for the trade paperback, but I'm working on that one still.

In any case, if you want it early, preorder at the ZNB site before July 31st! If you're willing to wait, start watching your favorite bookstore for its release on August 25th and preorder once it shows up.

Reminder: I'll be at Confluence this weekend and you can preorder the Kickstarter edition directly from me there if you want.

And keep watch for the next Kickstarter starting August 11th, with TWO new anthology project--ALIEN ARTIFACTS and WERE-!

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And lo! we can have front cover art! Here's the front cover of the TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER anthology, featuring stories by Seanan McGuire​, Gini Koch​, David B. Coe​, Laura Anne Gilman​, Faith Hunter​, Stephen Leigh​, Laura Resnick​, and 10 other authors (soon to be announced). It's been edited by Joshua Palmatier​ (me) and Patricia Bray​, with cover art by Justin Adams/Varia Studios​.

If you missed the Kickstarter​ campaign for this, you can still get in on the action by preordering the kickstarter version of the paperback, the ebook, or both at the Zombies Need Brains​ online store here: Online Store.

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The TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER anthology kickstarter has made its goal! This means that we can now open up submissions for the seven remaining slots in the anthology. If you have a story idea that fits the anthology's theme, write it up, revise it, polish it, and send it in for consideration. I've posted the guidelines below. Please note that the pay rate INCREASES as we reach higher stretch goals in the kickstarter, so please spread the word about the kickstarter so that we can not only add in additional authors to the anthology, but pay those authors as much as possible. Also, a special thanks to everyone who has already backed the project and gotten us funded! Without you, we wouldn't be funded with over a week left in the kickstarter to reach those stretch goals! And now, the submission guidelines:

TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER Submission Guidelines

Zombies Need Brains LLC is accepting submissions to its science fiction and fantasy anthology TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER. Stories must be submitted in electronic form as an attachment with the title of the story as the file name in .doc or .docx format. Manuscripts should be in manuscript format, meaning double-spaced, 12pt font, standard margins on top, bottom and sides, and pages numbered. Please use New Times Roman font. The first page should include the Title of the story, Author’s name, address, and email, and Pseudonym if different from the author’s name. Italics and bold should be in italics and bold.

Stories for this anthology must be original (no reprints or previously published material), no more than 7,500 words in length, and must satisfy the theme of the anthology. TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER is to feature stories where some type of gadget or object has somehow gone temporally out of order. I want to stress this: the story must feature an object (not a person) that is temporally out of order. Preferably, the way in which the object is temporally out of order should be related to the object’s actual function. In other words, a phone may call the past or future. It should not simply transport people to the past or future (phones don’t transport objects normally, but they do make calls). Stories featuring more interesting objects or gadgets, and twists on how they are acting temporally out of order (while still being related to their normal function), will receive more attention than more common objects. In other words, we don’t want to see 100 stories dealing with phones acting out of order. If we do, it’s likely only one at most would be selected for the anthology. So be creative and choose something different and use it in an unusual and unexpected way. Stories do NOT need to be set in the present day. They may be set in the past or future, with the time element referencing either direction or the present. So Gutenburg’s printing press could start printing out 20th century headlines, for example.

The deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2014. Decisions on stories should be completed by the end of December 2014. Please send submissions to You will receive a receipt email within a few days of receiving the submission. Notices about decisions on the stories will be sent out no later than the end of January 2015.

If your story is selected for use in the anthology, you should expect a revision letter by the end of January 2015. Revisions and the final draft of the story will be expected no later than the end of February 2015. These dates may change due to the editor’s work schedules. Zombies Need Brains LLC is seeking non-exclusive world anthology rights (including electronic rights) in all languages for the duration of one year after publication/release of the anthology. Your story cannot appear elsewhere during that year. Pay rate will be an advance of a minimum of 5 cents per word for the short stories. For each additional $2500 raised above the Kickstarter minimum of $10,000, we will increase this advance pay rate by 1 cent per word. The anthology will be published as an ebook and an exclusive mass market paperback edition, distributed to the Kickstarter backers. The book would be available after that to the general public in ebook and trade paperback formats. Advances would be immediately earned out by the success of the Kickstarter. Royalties on additional sales beyond the Kickstarter will be 25% of ebook cover price and 10% of trade paperback cover price, both split evenly (not by word count) between the authors in the anthology and the editors of the anthology.

Questions regarding these submission guidelines should be sent to Thank you.
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Hey, everyone! I've gone and done it again: started up another kickstarter. If you remember, last summer I ran one for the anthology CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: STEAMPUNK vs ALIENS, with Ian Tregillis, Leah Cutter, Bradley P. Beaulieu, J.R. Hargenrader, Gini Koch, Jason Palmatier, C.B. Pratt, Jean Marie Ward, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin, David J. Fortier, Brad Hafford, S.C. Butler, and Seanan McGuire. That anthology is now available in trade paperback, as well as ebook on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

That wasn't enough though. So I'm running a new kickstarter right now for an anthology called TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER. We've had a great start, reaching the halfway point of our goal in just 3 days! And we have another great batch of anchor authors, including Faith Hunter, David B. Coe, Laura Resnick, Stephen Leigh, Laura Anne Gilman, and both Seanan McGuire and Gini Koch returning. There are a few stretch goal authors as well: Jack Campbell (aka John Hemry), Jean Marie Ward, and Juliet E. McKenna. The theme of the anthology is objects or gadgets that have somehow gone "temporally out of order" as opposed to temporarily out of order. Check out the kickstarter here! And check out some of the reward levels. We have some tuckerizations left, along with a few of the limited item rewards left as well (although a few have sold out). And as an added bonus, the first 400 backers who pledge $15 or more will get a free ebook from Stephen Leigh called A RAIN OF PEBBLES, which contains a slew of short stories! All of the details at the kickstarter. And here's the art I commissioned by Justin Adams of Varia Studio for the cover. I think it rocks:


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