Aug. 10th, 2017

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On August 29th, Zombies Need Brains will launch their 2017 Kickstarter! This time, we're again trying for three new anthologies and $20,000. As usual, we'll have an open call for each of the anthologies, so anyone who has a story or wants to write a story that fits the theme of that anthology can submit it for possible inclusion in the anthology. We have anchor authors, whose names you'll likely recognize, filling up about half of the anthology, but the rest of the slots will come from the open call! To give everyone a chance to write the best story possible, we're going to announce the themes of the anthologies early. Here's the second one. So put on your thinking caps, come up with a unique story that fits this theme, and write it! The submission deadline (if the Kickstarter is funded, of course) is December 31st, 2017. Details about how to submit the story and where to submit it will come once the Kickstarter reaches its $20,000 goal.

NOTE: Zombies Need Brains is now a SFWA Qualifying Market!

So, without further ado, here's the first theme for this year's Kickstarter!


Sword and sorcery has long been a much beloved staple of the SF&F community, from Fritz Leiber’s “Lankhmar” novels and Moorcock’s “Elric” saga, to Violette Malan’s more recent “Dhulyn and Parno” series. Who doesn’t like a daring thief skulking through back alleys in the dark of night, or a deranged mage conjuring death spells in a bubbling cauldron? This anthology will tackle the subgenre of thieves, assassins, guilds, and dark magic with some of today’s hottest authors!

Edited by S.C. Butler & Joshua Palmatier, GUILDS & GLAIVES will contain approximately 14 brand-new stories with an average length of 6000 words each. It will include short stories by:

David B. Coe
James Enge
Esther Friesner
Howard Andrew Jones
Gini Koch
Violette Malan
Seanan McGuire

All other slots aside from the named authors will be filled by the open call for submissions following the successful completion of the Kickstarter.


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