Sep. 11th, 2008

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Hey, all! A while ago, when I ran the Plot Synopsis Project, it was suggested that I also do a Query Project. I didn’t have the time then to organize it, but I’ve put something together now. What you’ll find here (from me) is an old post that I’ve reposted with some changes, mainly dealing with the actual paragraph pitch that I included. In the first posting of this, I made a pitch up on the fly, and it sucked. This time, I put in the pitch I actually used in the queries I sent out to agents and editors regarding that particular book. I’ve also tweaked some sentences and whatnot since the original post.

So, here’s my advice on how to write a query and what it should include. At the end of the post, there are links to a bunch of other authors who’ve agreed to post one of their own queries (one that netted them an agent or editor) along with comments about queries in general. Some of the authors participating never used queries, and they’ll explain how they got published without them, or why they didn’t need them. But most of us used queries to catch someone’s attention. As always, this is just our experiences and our advice, which may or may not be the best advice out there. Use your own judgment after considering what we’ve all had to say. And good luck with your own agent/editor hunt!

What I have to say about queries )

Here are links to the blogs and webpages of other authors participating in the Query Project. They will all have different things to say, and some of the same things, so read through them carefully and ask yourself how you want to present yourself in a professional manner to an agent or editor . . . and then write and send out those queries! You certainly won’t get published without sending material out to be seen . . . and yes, rejected. But that’s another post entirely. *grin* Everyone should be posting these today, September 12th, so if you go through the link and there isn't anything there yet, check back later. They may not have gotten to posting it just yet. (Plus, they may be in a completely different time zone, like . . . France or something.)

Paul Crilley
Chris Dolley
Diana Pharaoh Francis
Gregory Frost
Simon Haynes
Jackie Kessler
Glenda Larke
John Levitt
Joshua Palmatier
Janni Lee Simner
Maria V. Snyder
Jennifer Stevenson
Edward Willett
David J. Williams

ETA: Links have been updated to take readers directly to the query post (rather than just that author's blog), although I didn't get permanent links for one or two of the authors on the list.


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