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Portals Cover
"Portals" cover image by Justin Adams of Varia Studios

We can finally announce the Table of Contents for the Zombies Need Brains anthology ALTERNATE PEACE, edited by Steven H Silver & Joshua Palmatier and set for release no later than August 2019 (but we're hoping for June 2019, depending on printer schedules).  Get ready to delve into branching historical timelines as we look at fifteen alternate histories where the divergence from our timeline comes from some kind of peaceful change in our history!  These come from some familiar names in the alternate history universe and from some newbies discovered in our open call.  You can preorder your copy at the ZNB online store here:  The cover art image for ALTERNATE PEACE is still in progress, but we'll reveal that as soon as it's finalized.

So without further ado, feast your eyes on what you'll find within the pages of ALTERNATE PEACE!

Table of Contents:

“O-Rings” by Elektra Hammond

“A Dad Ought to Have Nightmares” by Dale Cozort

“Election Day” by Harry Turtledove

“A Fine Line, Indeed” by C.W. Briar

“Donny Boy” by Rick Wilber

“The Echoes of a Shot” by Juliet E. McKenna

“What Makes a Better World” by Michael Robertson

“Field of Cloth of Gold and Blood, Sweat and Tears” by Kat Otis

“Politicians, Lost Causers, and Abigail Lockwood” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“Or, the Modern Psyche” by Brian Hugenbruch

“Easter Rising” by Stephen Leigh

“The Sisters of the Hallowed Marsh” by Elizabeth Kite

“Selkie” by Ian R. MacLeod

“New Moon, Dark Skies” by Mike Barretta

“His Master’s Voice” by Kari Sperring

TD Cover

"Temporally Deactivated" cover image by Justin Adams of Varia Studios


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