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It's time to reveal the Table of Contents for one of Zombies Need Brains' upcoming anthologies called PORTALS, edited by Patricia Bray and S.C. Butler!  These are SF&F stories that center around portals that connect one world to another, whether it be Earth, a fantasy realm, or a science fiction future.  A few even skirt the edges of those three!  Check out the stories and authors below, and then preorder the anthology at the Zombies Need Brains online store if you missed our Kickstarter last year!  And don't miss any of the previous anthologies from ZNB, as well as the other two new releases this year--TEMPORALLY DEACTIVATED and ALTERNATE PEACE.  And look at the stunning art we'll use for the cover from Justin Adams of Varia Studios!

Table of Contents

“What Time Is It?” by Nancy Holzner

“This Way Out” by Esther Friesner

“Deus Ex Machina” by Ian Tregillis

“A Land Fit for Heroes” by Jacey Bedford

“Iron and Anthracite” by John Linwood Grant

“The Namesake” by Kate Hall

“Portal Pirates” by Gini Koch (writing as Anita Ensal)

“Doorways in the Sand” by Violette Malan

“Somewhere Else, Nowhere Else” by Juliet Kemp

“A Stranger Comes to Town” by James Enge

“Brick and Mirror” by Steven Harper

“A Bend in the Air” by F. Brett Cox

“All the Lost Places” by Jaime Lee Moyer

“Onward to Glory!” by Jason Palmatier

“Hard Times in the Vancouver Continuum” by Andrija Popovic

“The Cracks in the Road” by Patrick Hurley

Preorder your copy here:


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