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Are you planning on buying anything at Barnes & Noble online or at a store in the next week? If so, PLEASE CONSIDER WAITING UNTIL FRIDAY and then use Bookfair ID #11816873 at checkout (either enter the ID online under bookfair OR have the check-out person at the register in the store enter the ID). A percentage of your purchase will be donated to Literacy Volunteers of Broome/Tioga Counties. *The Bookfair ID code will be valid between December 16th-21st.* They will also be holding an event at our local Barnes & Noble in Vestal, NY this coming Friday, December 16th all day. Free gift wrapping and a chance to win some prizes if you enter the drawing. I'll also be there signing my own books from 3pm-7pm (this will include all of the ZNB books as well). Help support this local charity! More details about how you can help through the link below:


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