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Zombies Need Brains is putting together a newsletter!

Subscribers to the newsletter will get advance news about upcoming ZNB products, Kickstarters, announcements, and more. For example, we'll announce the new themes for the upcoming Kickstarter to newsletter subscribers first! So all of you writers can get a head start on writing those short stories for submission once the Kickstarter funds (because we all just assume the Kickstarter will fund). We'll also announce anchor authors, cover reveals, Table of Contents, news on special Kickstarter rewards, new products, and other news items from ZNB--all to newsletter subscribers first! We're just starting this up now, so SIGN UP NOW before we send the first newsletter in a few days! In this first newsletter, we'll reveal the covers of the three new anthologies, along with some exciting news for both Kickstarter backers and the general public! Don't be left out of the loop! Just click through the link below for the sign-up sheet:

GDPR Compliance: By signing up for the newsletter through this link, you recognize that we are collecting your email address and that you will receive a newsletter occasionally that will contain news about Zombies Need Brains' products, Kickstarters, and other items related to Zombies Need Brains and its founder, Joshua Palmatier. ZNB will NOT sell or provide your email to any other entities; emails will only be used by ZNB for ZNB-related news items. Your email information is being collected by Mailchimp, so is subject to their privacy policy and terms as well.


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