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Thanks to everyone who came out to the reading/signing last night at Africa House! It was a blast reading from Well of Sorrows (I read a scene from Chapter 4 . . . the hanging) and answering questions afterwards. And a double thank you to those of you who purchased books. I appreciate that. In particular, I'd like to thank Stacey Hopko for bringing books from the Binghamton University bookstore to sell at the event, even though she was exhausted from the first few weeks of the semester.

I haven't posted about my book deals in a while, so here they are!


The Skewed Throne: $10
The Cracked Throne: $10
The Vacant Throne: $10

Trade Paperback:

Well of Sorrows: $15
Close Encounters of the Urban Kind: $20 (includes my short story "Mastihooba")

Mass Market:

The Skewed Throne: $8
The Cracked Throne: $8
The Vacant Throne: $8
All three Throne books: $20

All prices include shipping in the US. Email me at if interested. Also email if you're overseas and would like a price quote for shipping to your address. All books are signed and can be personalized. Free Well of Sorrows magnet with purchase! *grin*
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Just a reminder that I'll be holding a reading/signing of my newest book WELL OF SORROWS (written under the name Benjamin Tate) at AFRICA HOUSE tomorrow, September 16th, from 7-8pm. Africa House is an art gallery at 50 Washington Ave. in Endicott, NY. I'll also be answering questions and talking about writing and the publishing world in general. Come on down if you're in the area!

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Hey, all! Just wanted to pass on the word that I'll be holding a reading/signing this week on Thursday, September 16th, 2010, from 7-8pm at Africa House in Endicott, NY. Africa House is a local art gallery and this is the first in a new monthly writing series hosted by them. So if you're in the Endicott/Binghamton, NY area, stop on by and check out their gallery. I'll be reading from my newest novel, Well of Sorrows, plus talking and answering questions about writing, publishing, etc. There will be books at the reading/signing for sale, provided by the Binghamton University Bookstore, both hardcovers and paperbacks if they're available. Stop on by!


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