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Every writer knows that a query letter and plot synopsis accompany the partial manuscript sent to most agents and editors to see if they're interested in a project. But there aren't many resources out there for how to write such things (more now than before). Ages and ages ago, I ran a few projects to help new writers with these unwieldy beasts, called the Query Project and Plot Synopsis Projects I and II. Those links got lost when I abandoned LiveJournal and created this new account at DreamWidth. So, here are links to my posts in those projects, now here on DreamWidth. There are also links to other participants in the projects at that time, although many of those links are probably now broken. In any case, it might be a resource if you're trying to write a query letter or plot synopsis for your book. Check it out.

I'm considering doing another such project or two, perhaps another Query Letter Project, another Plot Synopsis Project, and an Elevator Pitch Project? Hmm. Must consider. Let me know if you think another round of these projects would be helpful.

Query Project: Click Here
Plot Synopsis I Project: Click Here
Plot Synopsis II Project: Click Here
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