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Review Contest!

My next novel, THREADING THE NEEDLE, will be released on July 5th, but I’ve designed the following contest so that the lucky winners will get an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of the novel in JUNE! Nearly a full month early! That way, a few of you can enjoy it before the rest of the world. (And hopefully help spread the word about it when it does hit the shelves at local bookstores.)

So, what do you have to do in order to have a chance at one of the ARCs? Simple: Just write a review of SHATTERING THE LEY, the first book in the series, and post it on It doesn’t have to be a complicated review, just let everyone know what you thought of the first book. A few sentences, that’s it (whatever the minimum requirements are for posting a review on I’d like to get the reviews on up as high as possible (50 would be a good number) and this is one way for all of you to help, with a chance at an ARC as well.

Official Rules for Entry: Post a review on Then send an email to with a copy of the review in the message along with your name. That will get your name in the drawing for the ARCs to be sent out in June. If you’ve already posted a review, don’t fret, you can simply send me an email with a copy of the review and that will count as your entry. So only one review/entry per person. I’ll send everyone who emails their review entry a response, so everyone will know that they’re in the drawing. Deadline for posting a review and sending me an email is June 10th, 2016. I will not count any emails that arrive after midnight EST on June 10th, 2016. [Extended due to the email sent out by DAW on May 31st.]

So, get out there and post that review! Then send me an email with a copy of it, and you’re in the running for an ARC of THREADING THE NEEDLE! Good luck!

Threading the Needle Back Cover Copy:

The Nexus—the hub created by the Prime Wielders to harness the magical power of the ley lines for the city of Erenthrall, the Baronial Plains, and the world beyond—has Shattered, the resultant pulse cascading through the system and leaving Erenthrall decimated, partially encased in a massive distortion. The world has fared no better: auroral storms plague the land, transforming people into creatures beyond nightmare; silver-white lights hover over all of the major cities, the harbinger of distortions that could quicken at any moment; and quakes brought on by the unstable ley network threaten to tear the earth apart. The survivors of this apocalypse have banded together in desperate groups, both in the remains of Erenthall and without, scrounging for food and resources in an ever more dangerous world.

Having survived the initial Shattering, Wielder Kara Tremain and ex-Dog Allan Garrett have led their small group of refugees to the Hollow, a safe haven in the hills on the edge of the plains. But the ley system is not healing itself. Their only option is to repair the distortion that engulfs Erenthrall and to fix the damaged ley lines themselves. To do that, they’ll have to enter a city controlled by vicious bands of humans and non-humans alike, intent on keeping what little they’ve managed to scavenge together.

But as soon as they enter the streets of Erenthrall, they find themselves caught up in the maelstrom of violence, deception, and betrayal that the city has descended into—including the emergence of a mysterious and powerful cult calling themselves the White Cloaks, whose leader is called Father . . .

The same man who once led the terrorist group called the Kormanley and brought about the Shattering that destroyed the world.


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