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Barbara Ashford, author of Spellcast and its newly released sequel, Spellcrossed, is holding a release party this Sunday, June 24th, 2012, 1-4pm, at Spectator's Pub, 219 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY. I'll be there as well, and we're both looking to sign some books. There will be some food (free), drinks (not free), and books for sale at the event (not free in case "for sale" didn't register with you). It should be a grand old time. So if you're in the area and are looking for something to do Sunday afternoon, swing on by and chat with us both!

Release Party!!!!
Spectators Pub
219 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY

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Today, April 10th, Barbara Ashford and I (plus Ben Tate) will be signing copies of AFTER HOURS: TALES FROM THE UR-BAR at Spectator's Bar and Grill (and/or Pub) in New Rochelle, NY! We'll have some bar food out for people to snack on and the books to buy if you don't have it already. Feel free to stop by! We're there from 1-4pm, and since both of us have books coming out in May (SPELLCAST from Barbara and WELL OF SORROWS in paperback from me), you can come chat with us about those new releases as well. The address is below. If you're in NYC, take a break and do an outing up to Spectator's for drinks, bar food, and a good long friendly chat with two fantasy authors. We'll be searching for the perfect Gilgamesh impersonator among the crowd. *grin*

219 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY
(Exit 16 off I-95)

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So those were all of the contributors to the After Hours: Tales From the Ur-bar anthology. Along the way, you were introduced to one of the editors as well. For this last introduction post, I’d like to introduce . . . well, myself. *grin* But the contest is still running, s here’s the deal: to enter the contest you have to either friend the [ profile] afterhoursurbar community here on LiveJournal OR you have to like the After Hours: Tales From the Ur-bar Facebook page (search for the title of the anthology to find the page). If you do both, you’re entered into the contest twice! The contest will end March 31st, 2011. Prizes will include copies of the contributors books (sometimes entire trilogies), After Hours: Tales From the Ur-bar M&Ms, and perhaps other prizes. They will be awarded by random drawing from those who’ve liked or friended the appropriate pages. If you’ve already friended or liked the pages, then you’re already entered into the contest! Find out more about the anthology at its website!

And now for the other editor: Joshua Palmatier. AKA, me. I contributed a story to the anthology, writing as Benjamin Tate, so you’ve really already been introduced to me, as him. The entire anthology came about (as described in the Introduction to the book) as a result of seven authors getting together at a bar after a signing and chatting. I’d never edited an anthology before--had never even considered it--but the idea seemed too good to NOT attempt to sell. So while at Worldcon in Montreal, I began asking questions about how you went about selling such a thing and was told that if I could get a proposal written and to Tekno Books the next morning, then they’d pitch it for us. Needless to say, I spent that evening frantically writing up a proposal. I sent it in and then, as with all things in published, we waited. Eventually, the idea sold. Patricia and I were as surprised as anyone. Here’s the official description, ripped almost literally from our proposal:

After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar: The first bar, created by the Sumerians after they were given the gift of beer by the gods, was known as the Ur-Bar. Although it has since been destroyed, its spirit lives on--in each age there is one bar that captures the essence of the original Ur-Bar, where drinks are mixed with magic and served with a side of destiny and intrigue.

The editing process was . . . interesting. I had fears that Patricia’s and my friendship might not survive it, but it was actually incredibly fun. Enough that we wrote up a few more proposals and are happy to announce that one of them sold. So watch for our next anthology, The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, sometime in 2012. I certainly had a blast working on this project, and look forward to seeing what other great stories we can find in future anthologies. This anthology is certainly packed with them. And if you want to know a little bit more about me, here’s my editor bio from the anthology:

Joshua Palmatier is a writer with a PhD in mathemat¬ics. He currently resides in New York while teaching mathematics full-time at SUNY College at Oneonta. His novels include The Skewed Throne, The Cracked Throne, and The Vacant Throne, all part of the "Throne of Amenkor" trilogy. His short story "Mastihooba" appeared in the anthology Close Encounters of the Urban Kind. This is his first stab at being an editor and it required the consumption of many, many White Russians. But he’ll do it again given the chance.

All three of my Throne novels are being given out as prizes in the contest.


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