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The last day to nominate for the HUGOs this year is almost here! You must get your nominations in by March 17th. I'd like to point out what is eligible for a nomination from Zombies Need Brains this year. Basically, it's everything from the ALIEN ARTIFACTS and WERE- anthologies, but since we don't print the word counts of each story in the anthology, I've conveniently broken down the stories into which category they belong in below. Also note that Patricia Bray and I are eligible for an Editor Short Form award. If you do consider us for the editor award, please nominate us separately, rather than as a single entry, since the HUGO nominations rules in particular don’t seem to allow for dual nominations. Here’s the breakdown of eligibility:

Hugo Eligibility:

Best Editor, Short Form:

Joshua Palmatier
Patricia Bray

Best Short Story:

“Best in Show” by Seanan McGuire
“We Dig” by Ashley McConnell
“Eyes Like Pearls” by Susan Jett
“Among the Grapevines, Growing” by Eliora Smith
“A Party for Bailey” by David B. Coe
“Cry Murder” by April Steenburgh
“Paper Wasp” by Mike Barretta
“Point Five” by Elizabeth Kite
“The Promise of Death” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
“Witness Report” by Katharine Kerr
“Attack of the Were-Zombie Friendship with Benefits” by Sarah Brand
“The Whale” by Anneliese Belmond
“Shiftr” by Patricia Bray
“Radio Silence” by Walter H. Hunt
“The Familiar” by David Farland
“Me and Alice” by Angela Penrose
“The Other Side” by S.C. Butler
“The Sphere” by Juliet E. McKenna
“Shame the Devil” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“The Captain’s Throne” by Andrija Popovic
“Weird is the New Normal” by Jacey Bedford
“And We Have No Words to Tell You” by Sofie Bird
“Titan Descanso” by James Van Pelt
“Music of the Stars” by Jennifer Dunne
“The Night You Were a Comet” by Coral Moore
“The God Emperor of Lassie Point” by Daniel J. Davis
“Pandora” by C.S. Friedman
“Round and Round We Ride the Carousel of Time” by Seanan McGuire

Best Novelette:

“Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs. the Masters of Mediocre Doom” by Gini Koch
“Anzu, Duba, Beast” by Faith Hunter
“The Five Bean Solution” by Jean Marie Ward
“The Hunt” by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
“Alien Epilogue” by Gini Koch
“The Haint of Sweetwater River” by Anthony Lowe
“The Nightside” by Julie Novakova

Alien Artifacts Ebook

Were- Ebook
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