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Time to announce the Table of Contents for the Were- anthology, coming out in August 2016! This was funded through a Kickstarter last year and those who preorder the paperback of the anthology will get a special Kickstarter edition of the book and will be able to read it early, before the general public. Those that preorder the ebook will also get the ebook early. You can preorder the book at the Zombies Need Brains online store here: ZNB Online Store. Just scroll on down to the preorder section. And check out all of the other books and merchandise offered by ZNB!

Here's the back cover copy (tentative, we're still tweaking it) and the Table of Contents for Were-! The art by Justin Adams that we'll use for the cover is below as well. It's all coming together!

Back Cover Copy:

Werewolves rule the night in urban fantasy, but everyone knows there are other were-creatures out there just as dangerous and deadly, if not as common, each with their own issues as they struggle to fit into—or prey upon—society. What about the were-goats? The were-crows and were-wasps?

Here are seventeen stories of urban fantasy by today’s leading science fiction and fantasy authors that introduce you to some of those other were-creatures, the ones hiding in the dark background shadows, waiting to bite. Join us as they take you into the hidden corners of our world to see some lesser known were-creatures. You may want to bring along some silver . . . just in case.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Joshua Palmatier

“Best In Show” by Seanan McGuire

“We Dig” by Ashley McConnell

“Eyes Like Pearls” by Susan Jett

“Among the Grapevines, Growing” by Eliora Smith

“A Party For Bailey” by David B. Coe

“Cry Murder” by April Steenburgh

“Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs. the Masters of Mediocre Doom” by Gini Koch

“Paper Wasp” by Mike Barretta

“Point Five” by Elizabeth Kite

“The Promise of Death” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

“The Five Bean Solution” by Jean Marie Ward

“Witness Report” by Katharine Kerr

“Attack of the Were-Zombie Friendship With Benefits” by Sarah Brand

“The Whale” by Anneliese Belmond

“Anzu, Duba, Beast” by Faith Hunter

“Shiftr” by Patricia Bray

“Sniff For Your Life” by Phyllis Ames

Cover Art:

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