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Earlier this month, we had a contest here where readers could win an autographed copy of The Silent Dragon by Irene Radford, the first book in her new series The Children of the Dragon Nimbus. Irene has just gotten in touch with me to announce the two winners! Here's the official word from Irene:

Congratulations to "Lightofthemoon12" aka Frances Tinney and [ profile] jollymoon aka Ed Parton for being first in with all the correct answers to the treasure hunt on Irene Radford's website. I have already contacted the winners to arrange delivery of the autographed books.

Thanks to all who entered We'll try something similar with my next book. The Broken Dragon, Children of the Dragon Nimbus #2" by Irene Radford due out in about a year from DAW Books.

Congratulations, Frances and Ed! Stop on by after you've read the book and let us know what you thought of it! The book discussion for this book will be going up shortly.

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