Jan. 24th, 2011

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As part of the promo for the After Hours: Tales From the Ur-bar release, I figured I’d highlight all of the contributors to the anthology individually. And while we’re at it, run a contest as well! So here’s the deal, to enter the contest you have to either friend the [livejournal.com profile] afterhoursurbar community here on LiveJournal OR you have to like the After Hours: Tales From the Ur-bar Facebook page (search for the title of the anthology on Facebook to find the page). If you do both, you’re entered into the contest twice! The contest will end March 31st, 2011. Prizes will include copies of the contributors books (sometimes entire trilogies), After Hours: Tales From the Ur-bar M&Ms, and perhaps other prizes. They will be awarded by random drawing from those who’ve liked or friended the appropriate pages. If you’ve already friended or liked the pages, then you’re already entered into the contest! Find out more about the anthology at its website: http://www.sff.net/people/benjamintate/afterhours/afterhours.html.

And now for the first contributor: Benjamin Tate ([livejournal.com profile] benjamintate)! Ben’s contribution to the anthology is the short story An Alewife In Kish, which sets up the origin story of the Ur-bar and how Gilgamesh comes to be its immortal bartender. The anthology stories are set up in chronological order, so this is the earliest, set in ancient Sumeria. Here’s the official description:

"An Alewife In Kish" by Benjamin Tate: Condemned by the gods to spend her life serving others, the alewife Kubaba tricks Gilgamesh into taking her place as the undying guardian of the Ur-Bar.

So who is Benjamin Tate? Well, here’s his author bio from the anthology:

Benjamin Tate was born in North-Central Pennsylva¬nia and is currently a professor living near Endicott, NY, teaching at a local college. He began writing seriously in graduate school, using the fantasy world of his novel Well of Sorrows as an escape from the stress. His goals in life are to travel Europe, sail the Mediterranean, visit Aus¬tralia, and preside over a small kingdom from a castle on a hill while occasionally bombarding the villagers below with catapult fire. His favorite drink is a White Russian--preferably with top shelf vodka.

You can find out more about Benjamin Tate at his website: www.benjamintate.com. Well of Sorrows is available in trade paperback at the moment, and will be released in mass market paperback in May 2011. One of the trade versions of the book is available as a prize in the contest!


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