Aug. 7th, 2009

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Well, I survived the 6 hour drive, which was uneventful until I hit Montreal itself where, about 5 miles from the hotel, everything came to a dead stop on the highway. And it started pouring rain, just when I needed to start looking for signs. Why didn't it rain on the 170 miles stretch on the same road? Hmmm?

In any case, I registered, ran into a ton of people, checked out the dealer's room (lame), put out promo stuff, went to a reading by friend and fellow OWWer Ian Tregellis (the first book of his trilogy is coming out from Tor in April 2010), went to the Opening Ceremonies, then HIT THE PARTIES! *grin*

Last night was the Tor party, so I spent most of the night there, talking to Ian. Just to name drop, George R.R. Martin was there. Neil Gaiman was there. Tom Doherty was there. I didn't talk to any of them because mostly they were surrounded by groupies and fans, but still. . . . *grin*

I got back to the hotel room around 2pm, talked with my roommate S.C. Butler ([ profile] scbutler), and crashed. I had no panels or anything yesterday. Here's my schedule for today:

12Noon: SFWA Table Signing
2pm: Reading
3:30pm: Preparing to Write a Series

There were requests for posts on my panels topics, which I plan on doing after the con. These posts will be mostly my thoughts on the topic, but I'll take notes if anything interesting gets said and report on that, too. Now, off to the con!


But first, the on-going contest!

The winner for Thursday is [ profile] dogzilla30! Congrats! Get in touch with me here on LJ in a message or email me at with the address I should mail the book to and a name if you want me to personalize it. Otherwise I'll just send a signed copy.

For everyone else, there's still 4 days left! I will be giving away a first edition signed hardcover of The Skewed Throne, one per day, for the next four days. The drawing will be done at random based on the comments received on that day's LJ entry. So if you enter today, you're in the drawing for today only; you have to come back tomorrow and enter again for a chance to win in the drawing tomorrow; then come back again for the next day, etc. You have to comment on that day's LJ post to enter for that day, so if you stop on by and I haven't had a chance to put up the post for that day yet, you'll have to come back when it's up to enter. You can enter as many days out of the 10 as you wish, even if you win on one of the days (if you win multiple copies, or already have a copy of the book, I assume you have some friends you can give the book to, or perhaps you can donate it to your local library, etc).

This contest is to celebrate finishing the revisions of the new book Well of Sorrows, coming out in May 2010 in trade paperback, AND to celebrate the release of Die Assassine, the German version of The Skewed Throne, which will hit the shelves on August 11th in Germany. Here's the incredible cover:

So if you're in Germany or can read German, RUSH--I say again RUSH--out and buy Die Assassine! Once it's out of course. (It is available for preorder on the German, along with book 2, "Die Regentin," to be released in January 2010.) And please, please tell all of your friends about it, since it's going to be impossible for me to do many signings and other stuff to promote it in Germany. Especially since I can't speak or read German very well.

And there you go! Enter the contest (just comment!) every day for the next 4 days, and buy my German book!

That is all. Carry on.


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