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OK, I've thought about what I could do for a contest for the German foreign sales rights of the Throne of Amenkor series. Some of the ideas included:

1. Getting people to post pictures of themselves in lederhosen.
2. Beer drinking contest. Who can stay standing the longest!
3. Best translation of some text written in German. Naughty text of course.
4. Best video of people dancing/singing to German folksongs.

All of these were way too complicated to arrange, or way too expensive. So I decided to keep things simple. All you have to do to enter is post a comment to this post and you'll be entered into a random drawing for a copy of "Die Assassine", the German edition of The Skewed Throne. You have until November 21st to post your comment. Everyone who posted a comment congratulating me on the sale in this post or the follow-up post have already been entered into the contest and do not need to post again. A winner will be selected sometime after November 21st. The prize will be sent as soon as I manage to get my hands on my author copies, which won't be until sometime next year, but you can brag about eventually owning such a copy to all of your friends. I'll sign the copy of course. *grin*

So that's it. I'll probably run another contest when the book is actually released. But for now, comment and possibly win! And have a tankard of virtual German ale with me to celebrate!


PS--Dont forget about the "Spirit of Giving" contest still going on, as well as the free book you could win by commenting over at the [ profile] dawbooks blog, where I just posted a discussion about R.M. Meluch's U.S.S. Merrimack science fiction series, since the newest book in the series Strength and Honor is one of the new releases this month.
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